Envicons Farms


To become a major supplier of farm products for enhanced food security and exportation.


Crop Production and Distribution

We are involved in large-scale processing of crops for commercial purposes through the use of mechanized farming and storage for optimum result.

Feed Production

We produce animal feeds from the raw agricultural harvests in the farm to feed the livestock within the farm and supply to the external market commercially.


We rear birds, mainly chickens, including broilers for meat and layers (hens) for egg production. They are farmed in large numbers to meet the market demand.


We breeding different specie of fish in large numbers for commercial purpose to meet the demand both locally and internationally.

Animal Husbandry

We rearing and breed of animals such as cows, sheep, goats, etc. for commercial purposes through meat, milk, and other food products harvesting and sale.

"As at August 2022, an estimated population of 19.1 million Nigerians across 21 states face the threat of food insecurity."
- Food and Agriculture Organisation