Envicons Team Consultants


Envicons Team Consultants aspires to become an internationally renowned planning firm in Nigeria with focus on planning, development, and management of resilient and sustainable human settlements. 


Urban and Regional Planning

We offer urban and regional planning and design services at different scales including but not limited to national physical development planning, regional planning, master planning, town planning, sector and district planning, neighbourhood planning, estate, site, or layout planning, and landscape planning for different land uses. It also includes plan preparation and implementation, improvement, rehabilitation and upgrading and planning advocacy.

Environmental Planning and Management

We offer services in projects geared towards environmental protection as a component of sustainable development. These include the conduction of Environmental (and Social) Impact Assessment, Resilience Studies, and preparation of guidelines for sustainable land use and urban development.

Architecture and Engineering

We prepare architectural and engineering designs for the construction of a wide range of building types including residential houses, office buildings, commercial stores, institutional buildings like schools and hospitals, etc. This service extends to Envicons Homes.

Capacity Building

We disseminate skills and knowledge through trainings and workshops for capacity building for in-house staff and staff of other government or non-governmental organisations and firms.

Survey and GIS

We carry out land or as-built surveys to obtain and provide geographic information through the use GIS software.

“In the planning and designing of new communities, housing projects, and urban renewal, the planners both private and public, need to give explicit consideration to the kind of world that is being created for the children who will be growing up in these settings. Particular attention should be given to the opportunities which the environment presents or precludes for involvement of children both older and younger than themselves.”
- Urie Bronfenbrenner